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Fire Pump Waste Cone

Material:: High-strength glass, stainless steel casing

Pressure Range:: 0-16 MPa

Temperature Range:: -20°C to 150°C

Connection Size: : DN15-DN100

Sight Glass Size: : Various sizes available, customizable options

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 The Fire Pump Waste Cone is a premium observation device specifically designed for fire pump systems. It offers a clear and direct view, allowing operators to continuously monitor the liquid level, flow status, and liquid quality inside the fire pump. This real-time monitoring is crucial for maintaining the system's optimal performance and safety.
 Liquid Level Monitoring: Provides a clear display of the liquid level inside the fire pump, preventing dry running.
Flow Observation: Monitors the flow status of the liquid, helping to detect blockages, bubbles, and other abnormalities.
Leak Detection: Detects leaks within the system, ensuring equipment safety.
Quality Inspection: Observes the color and presence of impurities in the liquid, ensuring liquid quality.
 High Transparency: Made of high-strength glass, providing a clear view.
Durability: High-quality materials ensure resistance to high pressure and temperature, with a long service life.
Easy Installation: Multiple connection sizes available, easy to install and highly adaptable.
Safety and Reliability: Undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure product safety and reliability.

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