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Centrifugal diesel driven dewatering pumps open frame trailer

Flow:: 25-10000gpm

Head:: 80~360(m)

Speed:: 1500-1800 rpm

Frequency:: 50hz or 60hz

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 A centrifugal diesel-driven dewatering pump with an open-frame trailer is a piece of equipment designed for water management and dewatering applications in various industries, particularly in construction, mining, agriculture, and municipal services. This type of equipment is used to remove excess water from an area, preventing flooding and enabling construction or other work to take place in wet conditions.
 Here are some key features and components of such a system:
Centrifugal Pump: The heart of the system is a centrifugal pump. This type of pump uses a rotating impeller to create a flow of water. It's effective for moving large volumes of water quickly. These pumps are typically powered by a diesel engine, which provides the necessary power to drive the pump.
Diesel Engine: The diesel engine provides the power needed to operate the centrifugal pump. It's chosen for its reliability and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for remote locations or areas with limited access to electricity.
Open Frame Trailer: The open frame trailer serves as the platform for the pump and engine. It typically has wheels, making it mobile and easy to transport to different locations as needed. The open frame design allows for easy access to the components and simplifies maintenance.
Suction and Discharge Hoses: The system will include hoses for both the suction (inlet) and discharge (outlet) sides of the pump. These hoses are used to draw water from the source (like a flooded area or well) and discharge it to the desired location.
Control Panel: Many dewatering pumps come with a control panel that allows operators to start, stop, and monitor the pump's performance. This can include features like a digital display for monitoring pump speed, pressure, and engine diagnostics.
Fuel Tank: The diesel engine requires a fuel source, and a built-in fuel tank is often included in the system. This tank can vary in size, depending on the expected run time of the pump.
Safety Features: These pumps may come with safety features such as emergency shutdown switches, exhaust spark arrestors, and protective guards around moving parts.
Name Centrifugal diesel driven dewatering pumps open frame trailer Brand BETTER
Type weather-proof and trailer type Model Centrifugal pumps
Max Capacity can be customized Max Suction Head can be customized
Inlet/Outlet DN200 Move mode Two/Four-wheel
Driving speed According to the performance of the pump Engine Power 50-575KW
Engine Speed According to the performance of the pump Fuel Tank Capacity 120-1000L
Suction Pipe 6m Discarge Pipe 20m
Rainproof Enclosure 2mm Galvanized steel plate with polyester powder coated

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