Vertical Turbine Diesel Engine Fire Pump

Flow: 238-3000 gpm

Head: 2-21 bar

Caliber: 100-150mm

Power: 11-360kW

Speed: 1500r/min

Working Pressure: 1.6MPa

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Vertical Turbine Diesel Engine Fire Pump

The material of the vertical turbine pump hasCast iron, bronze, stainless steel

The range of JC Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

Flow: 100-3000 GPM

Head: 3-20.5BAR

Speed: 2940~980 r/min

JC vertical turbine pump is used for pumping normal temperature water and warm water under 100°C from wells, river, lake , sea.
Type JCW are better used for city, factory dirty water and water containing great sand in river and sea, widely used in factories and mines,
city and countries, petrolatum filed, plant and irrigation on farmland.

It can use with electric motor and also diesel engine.