Company Profile

Better Technology Group Co., Ltd.

The company's main products are submersible fire pump, city emergency drainage pumps, diesel fire pumps, gas top pressure fire water supply equipment, catering oil-water separation equipment, tank fire booster pump integrated regulator water supply equipment, B series submersible sewage pump, AST Building Civil dedicated

sewage pump series, WQ, QW series submersible sewage pump, ISG, IRG, IHG, ISGD series vertical pipeline pump, ISW, ISWD series of horizontal centrifugal pumps, DL Vertical multi-stage pump, GDL type will be demolished multi-stage pipeline pump, LG, LG-B type will be demolished high-rise building water supply multi-stage pumps. The company's main products are in line with high-tech fields supported by the state.

bEtter history

Recalling the past look to the future

In 2004 Set up pump factory in Wenzhou.
Shanghai Xizhiquan Pump & Valve Co, LTD. was established.

In 2005 The sales turnover exceeded 20 million yuan.

In 2006 Establish technology cooperation with Korea Xiandai pump Corp. and Japanese famous pump & valve Company.

In 2006 The distributors from around China visited our factory.

In 2007 Cooperate with Chinese famous B2B platform, and establish Chinese website.

In 2008 Move the factory from Wenzhou to Quzhou.
Set up a subsidiary corporation: Quzhou Better Explosion-proof Motor Co.,Ltd.
Independently develop Air Top Fire fighting water supply equipment.

In 2009 Set up a subsidiary corporation, mainly product: valves.

In 2010 Move the factory to Hangbu Economic Development Zone, and expand to 20000 square meters Establish famous international B2B website.

In 2013 Independently develop EDJ fire pump system, and well known by domestic and international customers.

In 2014 Independently develop fire emergency pump truck and sell to market.

In 2015 Research and development of air conditioning pump together with the Zhejiang University of Technology.

In 2020 The completion of the invention patents "a centrifugal pump vibration absorber" and "a multidirectional output horizontal pipe centrifugal pump".


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