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Split Case Series Mobile Pump Truck

Flow:: 25-10000gpm

Head:: <25bar

Speed:: 1500-1800 rpm

Frequency:: 50hz or 60hz

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 Split Case Series: The "split case" design typically refers to a type of centrifugal pump design where the pump casing is split into two separate parts. This design allows for easy access to the impeller and other internal components for maintenance and repair. Split case pumps are commonly used in various industrial applications, including water supply, HVAC systems, and more.
Mobile Pump Truck: As explained earlier, a mobile pump truck is a vehicle equipped with a pump for transporting and delivering liquids, such as concrete, water, or other fluids, to various locations.
Therefore, a "Split Case Series Mobile Pump Truck" may indicate a mobile pump truck that features a split case centrifugal pump as its core pumping component. Such a configuration could offer certain advantages, such as ease of maintenance and repair, in addition to the mobility and versatility provided by a pump truck.
For specific information about a "Split Case Series Mobile Pump Truck," you would need to refer to the manufacturer's documentation, specifications, or contact the manufacturer directly to get detailed information about its design, capabilities, and intended applications.
 The application of a "Split Case Series Mobile Pump Truck" would generally align with the broader applications of both mobile pump trucks and split case centrifugal pumps. Here are some potential applications where such a specialized piece of equipment could be useful:
Municipal Water Supply and Distribution: These trucks can be used to transport and distribute potable water in urban and rural areas. The split case design may facilitate maintenance and repair, which is crucial for water supply reliability.
Irrigation: Agricultural irrigation systems benefit from mobile pump trucks with split case pumps for efficient water distribution in fields and orchards.
Firefighting: Mobile pump trucks are essential for firefighting operations. The split case design may allow for quick and convenient maintenance to ensure readiness in emergency situations.
Construction: In construction, these trucks can be used for water supply or concrete pumping applications, where the ability to maintain the pump easily is advantageous.
Industrial Processes: Industries, such as manufacturing, mining, and chemical production, may require mobile pump trucks with split case pumps to transport or circulate fluids within their facilities.
HVAC Systems: These trucks may serve as part of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems for large commercial buildings, helping to circulate chilled or heated water.
Wastewater Treatment: Mobile pump trucks can be used in the transfer of sewage or wastewater, supporting maintenance and repair processes in wastewater treatment plants.
Emergency Response: In emergency situations, such as flood control, the mobility of a pump truck can be crucial. The split case design may assist in rapid deployment and use.
Agricultural and Farming: Farms can use these trucks for applications like filling irrigation systems, transferring chemicals, or maintaining water supplies for livestock.
Oil and Gas Industry: Mobile pump trucks can support various processes in the oil and gas sector, including well stimulation, pipeline maintenance, and more.
Name Split Case Series Mobile Pump Truck Brand BETTER
Type weather-proof and trailer type Model Split Case Series
Max Capacity can be customized Max Suction Head can be customized
Inlet/Outlet DN200 Move mode Two/Four-wheel
Driving speed According to the performance of the pump Engine Power 50-575KW
Engine Speed According to the performance of the pump Fuel Tank Capacity 120-1000L
Suction Pipe 6m Discarge Pipe 20m
Rainproof Enclosure 2mm Galvanized steel plate with polyester powder coated

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