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Fire Pump System
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Diesel Fire Pump
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Split Case Fire Pump Set

Flow: 30-9000GPM

Head: 3-20Bar

Caliber: 25-800mm

Power: Diesel pump / Electric pump: 1.5-710 kw, Jockey pump: 0.55-160kw

Speed: 740-2900r/min

Material: HT200, SS304, Bronze

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Split Case Fire Pump Packages

1. Electric pump, can use OTS pump, material can be cast iron, stainless steel, and bronze impeller.
Series OTS pumps are single stage, double suction with horizontally spit casings. They are suitable pumping unsettled water,clean water.non-drinkable or hydrocarbon at a temperature not exceeded 105.
Series OTS(L) pumps are available for capacities Of68-18000m3/hr and heads of 70-200m.
They are adoptable in water works, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, firefighting systems, marine applications as well as general applications in refineries,etc. 

2. Diesel engine pump, with capacity and head equal to electric pump, with fuel tank, water tank,fan, control box

Diesel engine pump also can use end suction, split case, multistage pump can according to the flowrate, head .

Different Diesel Model use different tank capacity.

3. Jockey pump, horizontal or vertical, capacity will be small, but head should be higher than electric and diesel engine pump

Jockey material casing :cast iron ,shaft and impeller SS304

4. Control panel: Auto Control of electric pump, diesel engine pump and Jockey Pump with overload, over current protection.

The control system has current, voltage, power display, and the operating status display of fire pump, diesel pump and steady pressure pump, diesel engine voltage, oil pressure, speed, running time display, manual pump control and automatic remote control

5. Accessories: check valve, gate valve, pressure vessel, generally 0.6mpa, 1.0mpa, 1.6mpa, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Sensor, Common Pipe for Suction and Discharge, Flexible Joints and Flanges, Common Base plant


1. Application Scope
Equipment for warehouses, docks, airports, petrochemical, power plants, liquefied gas, textiles, ships, oil tankers and other occasions of a fire service.

2. Using Instruction
Altitude ≤ 1000m; 
Ambient temperature: +5 °C ~ +40 °C; 
Relative humidity: <= 90%.
1. Performance curve
A. Diesel fire pump

B. Jockey Fire Pump

C. Electric Fire pump

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