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Manure Pump Truck

Flow:: 155~720(m³/h)

Head:: 80~360(m)

Speed:: 1500-1800 rpm

Frequency:: 50hz or 60hz

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 A manure pump truck is a specialized vehicle designed for the efficient collection and transportation of liquid or slurry manure from agricultural operations. These trucks are commonly used in livestock farming, such as dairy and poultry farms, where the management and disposal of manure is a critical part of farm operations.

 Manure pump trucks find applications primarily in the agricultural sector, especially in livestock farming operations. These specialized vehicles are essential for efficiently managing and handling animal waste, providing environmental and operational benefits. Here are the main applications of manure pump trucks:
Livestock Farming: Manure pump trucks are widely used in various types of livestock farming, including dairy farms, poultry farms, hog farms, and cattle ranches. These operations generate significant quantities of liquid or slurry manure that must be collected, stored, and managed to prevent environmental contamination and promote animal health.
Manure Collection: The primary application of manure pump trucks is the collection of manure from barns, pens, and other areas where animals are housed. This collected manure is often mixed with water to create a pumpable slurry for efficient removal.
Manure Storage: Manure pump trucks transport the collected manure to storage tanks, lagoons, or holding ponds, where it can be safely stored until it can be spread as fertilizer on fields.
Manure Spreading: Some manure pump trucks are equipped with distribution systems for spreading manure directly onto agricultural fields as organic fertilizer. This practice helps recycle nutrients and improve soil fertility.
Nutrient Management: Manure pump trucks are a crucial part of nutrient management plans on farms. They help distribute nutrients in a controlled manner, reducing the risk of over-application and environmental pollution.
Reducing Odor and Pollution: Properly collecting and storing manure with manure pump trucks can help reduce odors and minimize the risk of pollution from runoff or leaching into water bodies.
Environmental Compliance: The use of manure pump trucks is often essential to comply with environmental regulations governing the management of animal waste on farms. These regulations vary by region and may require specific handling and disposal practices.
Agricultural Sustainability: Manure management practices supported by these trucks contribute to more sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural operations by recycling nutrients and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
Crop Production: The use of manure as fertilizer, made possible by manure pump trucks, can lead to increased crop yields and improved soil quality, benefiting crop production on farms.
Farm Efficiency: Manure pump trucks streamline the process of manure collection and storage, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive for farm operators.
Environmental Protection: Proper manure management with the help of these trucks helps protect water quality and reduce the risk of nutrient runoff, which can lead to water pollution.
In summary, manure pump trucks are a crucial component of sustainable and responsible agriculture. They play a central role in collecting, storing, and managing manure to minimize environmental impacts, improve nutrient recycling, and support efficient farming operations. Their applications are essential for modern livestock farming practices that prioritize both animal well-being and environmental protection.
Name Manure Pump Truck Brand BETTER
Type weather-proof and trailer type Model Manure Pump
Max Capacity can be customized Max Suction Head can be customized
Inlet/Outlet DN200 Move mode Two/Four-wheel
Driving speed According to the performance of the pump Engine Power 50-575KW
Engine Speed According to the performance of the pump Fuel Tank Capacity 120-1000L
Suction Pipe 6m Discarge Pipe 20m
Rainproof Enclosure 2mm Galvanized steel plate with polyester powder coated

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