What is the vertical turbine fire pump? | ZJBetter


The vertical turbine fire pump is circulating water pump, and its over-flow medium is sea water. The function is to provide flushing water for the drum-type rotating filter to ensure that impurities and sea creatures can be washed away in time, thus bring clean seawater downstream. The vertical turbine water pump is installed in the seawater water intake platform outside the circulating water pump room, and suction the seawater from the drum filter pool. The water outlet is equipped with a backwash filter and a stop valve, and external industrial water supplies cooling water for the packing of the pump when the pump is started.
The vertical turbine pump is a vertical single stage multisuction centrifugal pump. The impeller is installed below the moving water level in the well. The power machine is placed on the well. The impeller is driven by the long shaft to rotate in the diversion shell. The water flows along the diversion shell and the impeller. The flow path between them is lifted up to the ground via the water pipe. When the head is high, a multistage centrifugal pump with multiple impellers in series can be used.
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