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Preparation for starting the diesel fire pump

The diesel engine fire pump is more complicated in structure than the electric water pump, so the preparation work before starting is also more complicated.
1.We should first check if the display of the voltmeter on the control cabinet is 24V. If it is lower than 24V, we should promptly find out the cause and eliminate the fault.
2.Check whether the diesel engine parts are normal, whether the accessories are reliably connected, and eliminate the abnormal phenomenon.
3.Check whether the oil in the oil pan, the fuel injection pump and the governor reaches the specified oil level. If the oil is insufficient, add the same type of oil.
4.Check if there is enough water in the water tank. If an open circulation cooling system is used, should turn on the water source.

5.Use the hand pump on the fuel pump to inject fuel into the fuel system, and at the same time loosen the bleed screw on the fuel pump to remove the air from the fuel system. When there is no more gas to be removed here, tighten the screw. Then continue to pump oil until the return line has oil return, and finally tighten the hand pump.
6.Sequentially loosen the high-pressure oil pipe joint nut on each cylinder injector, put the governor handle in the diesel engine running position, turn on the diesel engine, and discharge the air in each high-pressure fuel pipe (this step can be ignored in general, should not be ignored when it fails.)
7.The new machine or unused diesel engine stopped for more than 5 days, turn the crankshaft 3 to 5 revolutions before starting.
8.There is a preheating start device, and when preheating is required (temperature below 5 °C), should also check whether the glow plug is normal (the rated voltage of 24V preheater under normal conditions is about 0.025Ω, 12V will be smaller).
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