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Vertical turbine pump failures and measures:

1.The main pump is a water pump.
When the pump is running, it will inevitably cause malfunction and damage, resulting in failure to pump water normally. Therefore, When the pump pumps poorly, must be repaired and adjusted in time.  

2. Cannot pump water or no water drainage 
All many causes are the stuck valve, the blockage of drainage part, suction head is too high or water leakage. Maybe wrong steering, blocked impeller flow path, etc. After checking them one by one, some measures can be taken that repair the end of valve, clear the blockage and correct steering, clean the impeller, etc.

3. Pipe leakage.
Maybe the nut is not screwed tight when install the vertical turbine pump.
If the leakage is not serious, you can apply cement or cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil on leaking places. Temporary repairs can be coated with wet mud or soft soap. If the joint leaks, then tighten the nut with a wrench, if serious leakage, disassemble it.

4. The packing is overheating 
Due to tight packing weight, less than the cooling water into the filler, or damaged shaft surface. Proper relaxation of packing can be taken to clear the sealing tube of blockage. Fill the wear and tear must be replaced with new ones. Before installtion, soak in the oil, turn-by-turn into the incision to be staggered, so that leakage can be reduced. Fill the last lap after installed, loading pressed to cover operation for further adjustment of tightness.
5. Violent vibration of the pump
Rattling electric pump rotor may be uneven, or combination of bad coupling, bearings wear bending; also cause loose or break some parts, also because of other reasons that pipe support is not strong. Measures can be taken adjustment, repair, strengthening, alignment, replacement.

6. Disassembly and repair of impellers
The impeller blades are damaged or affected by cavitation, etc., should be replaced or plated with hard alloy. Little wear and tear, it can be poured up. When disassembling, to fix the impeller and the pump shaft first, loosen the nut or turn the head screw, and then turn the ejector screw to gradually pull out the transmission. Then remove the shaft from the pump casing, and then disassemble the pump shaft shell, send the impeller to repair shop.  

7. Pump shaft repair
The impact of multi-shaft bending load, belt pull too tight or incorrect installation. If the bend is not serious that can be corrected with manual screw orthotics. If the pump shaft cracks or breaks, can adopt welding or forging, and then by tempering, grinding, turning.

The vertical turbine water pump has been improved in hydraulic design and has been developed for various industries such as fire-fighting equipment. Efficient, reliable and sturdy are the main advantages of this series. The VT series has motors, which are linked to the internal combustion engine through gearboxes. Various types of pumps are available to meet customer needs. Follow us, learn more information.
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