Why fire pump set should be equipped with a control cabinet?


 Fire pump set should be equipped with a control cabinet to ensure that the pump is operated in a safe manner. The control cabinet houses all of the essential components necessary to monitor and control the operation of the fire pump, including the pump motor, pressure switches, pressure gauges, and other safety devices. The control cabinet also provides an easy way to access the components when needed for maintenance.

The role of fire control cabinet:

1. Strengthen management. Normally, the daily management of the use of fire pumps requires manual operation and maintenance management. However, once it encounters large shopping malls and there are many similar fire pumps, often one or two managers cannot manage them. With the help of a fire control cabinet. The fire control cabinet can control multiple pumps to ensure the normal operation of the fire pump.

2.improve the efficiency of fire pumps. The fire control cabinet can meet the functions that a single fire pump cannot provide, such as the function of starting at the same time. In some dangerous situations, a single fire pump cannot often meet the needs, and multiple fire pumps need to work at the same time to improve the effect of the fire pump and achieve the purpose of timely protection. Through the fire control cabinet to control the operation, startup, shutdown of all fire pumps, the efficiency of fire pumps can be greatly improved.

3.The fire control cabinet has a fault alarm function. When a single fire pump is working, if there are insufficient water sources, power supply circuit failures, etc., it is not easy to be found in time, and eventually the fire pump is damaged. With the fire control cabinet, the alarm function of the control cabinet can be used to remind various faults and eliminate them in time to eliminate the hidden dangers of fire pump safety.

ZJBetter CCCF fire pump control cabinet adopts a device that can be switched between each other. It has manual and automatic control modes, and can receive firefighting linkage signals. Manual control is preferred in any working state. Output overload, short circuit, phase loss, three-phase imbalance and other protection functions. It is also equipped with a surge protection function. This CCCF control cabinet has passed 17 high-intensity tests of the testing center and passed the verification, which can adapt to various environments!
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