Why diesel engine fire pump does not discharge water?


During the use of the fire pump, there may be some abnormal failures. Once you find an abnormality or failure, you need to stop and carefully check and analyze it to resolve the failure, then you can use it safely.

Analysis of the reasons why the
 fire pump cannot pump water and its elimination method:
I. Check if there is any obstruction in the suction pipe, water pipe and fire pump flow channel. If so, you need to clean up the debris.
2. Check whether the fire pump is filled with liquid. If the fluid is not filled, the fire pump needs to be refilled.
3. Check whether the medium is hot or volatile. If the medium is hot or volatile, you need to reduce the suction stroke or install it by flow backward
4. Check whether there is a problem that the fire pump outlet pipe is too thin. If yes, you only need to replace one.
5. Check if there is air in the suction pipe and the pump body of the fire pump. If there is air, discharge the air in the suction pipeline and the fire pump.
6. Check whether the head of the fire pump exceeds the rated value. If the actual head exceeds the rated value of the fire pump, you need to replace the fire pump model with the appropriate head.
7. Check whether the suction height of the fire pump exceeds the rated range. If so, you need to reinstall the fire pump so that the suction height is in the proper position.

ZJBetter pump reminds you that you need to check carefully before starting the fire pump to eliminate the possibility of failure and prolong the life of the fire pump.
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