Diesel engine fire water pump failure in use


The vibration of the diesel engine water pump can be felt. Touch the motor end and the pump head end separately with your hands. If only the motor vibrates, there may be a problem with the coupling or the motor bearing. If only the pump head vibrates strongly, it may be caused by the pump head bearing, mechanical seal, or impeller nut, or cavitation.
 diesel fire pump
If the whole body vibrates, check the ground feet. You can also put your ears close to different parts and listen carefully. Generally, you will hear obvious noises at the faulty parts. If you see a leak in the mechanical seal, the possibility of the mechanical seal being burned is high. Or the quality of the rotating parts of the motor and water pump is unbalanced, shoddy, poorly installed, the axis of the unit is asymmetrical, the swing exceeds the allowable value, the mechanical strength and rigidity of the parts are poor, the bearings and sealing parts are worn and damaged, and the critical speed of the water pump appears to be different from that of the pump. The resonance caused by the natural frequency of the unit will generate strong vibration and noise.
1. First check whether the foundation is fixed and whether the machine base bolts are loose;
2. Is the impeller lock nut loose?
3. Whether the coupling is in good alignment;
4. Whether the main shaft is bent;
5. Whether the pump and motor bearings run out of the outer ring, that is, whether the bearing seat hole is worn and the gap is too large;
6. Is there any foreign matter in the impeller;
7. Is the bracket not firm enough to cause the pipeline to vibrate?
8. In addition, it depends on the condition of the material, whether the viscosity is too high;
9. Whether the suction pipe or filter is blocked;
10. Whether the suction pipe extends into the liquid surface too shallowly.
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