Single stage fire pump features


The single-stage fire pump consists of two parts, the motor and the pump. The fire pump and the motor are coaxial. The pump structure includes the pump body, impeller, pump cover, and mechanical seal. The inlet and outlet of the pump are on the same horizontal axis, and the caliber and specification are the same, which is very convenient for loading and unloading, and occupies a small area. The pump is equipped with a mounting base, which is easy to install and increases the stability of the pump operation. The pump seal of XB fire pump produced by Shanghai Zibo Zhengji Pump Industry adopts mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of reliable sealing and no leakage. The axial force of the pump is balanced by the impeller with a balance ring.

Compared with the general fire pump, the vertical single-stage fire pump has the same basic structure, but under the research of professional staff, a small detail is added between the motor and the pump - the electric coupler, which is used by many pump manufacturers If there is no electric coupler, the advantage of adding this electric coupler is that the pump and the motor seem to be separated, but they are not separated. When the water pump breaks down or the motor is broken, it will not cause the whole water pump to be replaced. If the motor is broken, just replace the motor. If the pump body is broken, only the pump body needs to be replaced.

Vertical single-stage fire pump features:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small footprint.

2. Stable operation, low noise and high component concentricity.

3. Adopt advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency and excellent performance.

4. The shaft seal adopts high-quality mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, no leakage and long service life.

5. The inlet of the pump is in the horizontal direction, and the outlet is in a vertical upward structure, which is convenient for pipeline layout.

6. Easy maintenance, no need to disassemble the pipeline, just remove the pump cover nut, take out the motor and transmission components for maintenance.
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