What type of pump is jockey pump?


A jockey pump is a type of fire pump that is used in a sprinkler system as a pressure maintenance device. The jockey pump works in conjunction with the main fire pump to maintain a constant pressure in the system. This is important because it ensures that the sprinkler system is ready for immediate use in the event of an emergency.
Jockey pumps are small capacity pump which overrides main fire water pump (electric motor and diesel). Jockey pump is set such that it starts at low pressure in header and stop at high pressure to maintain the desire pressure in the network. Main fire water pump is set such that if the pressure drop to a very low value, it will start automatically but it can not stop in auto mode and it has to be stopped manually after human intervention.

Jockey pump plays a very important role in fire water network system. If there is small leak in any flange in the network, there is very small pressure drop in the network. In this stage main fire water pump should not start because its capacity and head is too high. In this condition jockey pump take care about the system. If there is some fire in the plant, sprinkler system will start. It will cause pressure drop in the fire water network. Jockey pump can not take care about such big pressure drop and at this stage there is a true requirement of main fire water pump. At this stage main fire water pump will start.

Matching settings

When no pneumatic water tank is set up, the flow rate of the pressure stabilising pump is calculated according to the water volume of a nozzle or a fire hydrant. When there is a pneumatic water tank set up, the system of water supplement and pressure guarantee is to rely on the implementation of the pneumatic water tank, the flow of the pressure pump only needs to meet the requirements of the flow of the pneumatic water tank, that is, the flow of the pressure pump should take into account the factors of the adjustment volume of the pneumatic water tank. At this point, the flow rate of the pressure pump should be determined by the total volume of air and water in the air pressure water supply equipment tank and the volume of water in the tank calculation formula. Pump water should be when the tank for the average pressure, not less than 1.2 times the maximum hourly flow of the pipe network.

Systems range

Quasi-high-pressure water supply system (or stable high-pressure water supply system) with a stable pressure pump, the scope of which is in the indoor, but also indoor and outdoor. Indoor quasi-high pressure water supply system, pipe using steel pipe, interface using thread, flange or welded connection, the leakage of the pipe network system mainly occurs in the sealing part of the pump, its number is relatively limited. Indoor and outdoor quasi-high pressure water supply system, because of the outdoor pipe using cast iron pipe, interface using socket connection, interface sealing using rubber ring, the scope of the pipe network is larger, interface leakage in the whole leakage volume occupies a considerable proportion. Immediately after the construction of the pipe to reply to the soil, sometimes the interface area with mixed soil surrounding reinforcement, even if there is leakage, it is difficult to take remedial measures. All this shows that when using a quasi-high pressure water supply system indoors and outdoors, the flow rate of the pressure stabilisation pump should be left with sufficient margin.
In general, the flow rate of the pressure stabilising pump should be adjusted according to different situations.
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