How does a jockey pump and fire pump work?


 A jockey pump is a small auxiliary fire pump that is used to maintain pressure in a fire protection system. The pump is used to protect the system from pressure loss and to maintain a minimum pressure in the system. The jockey pump is normally set to turn on at a lower pressure than the fire pump and runs continuously to keep the pressure in the system at a predetermined level. A fire pump is a fuel-driven pump that is used to provide a flow of water to fire sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial buildings. The fire pump is designed to increase the water pressure to ensure that the sprinkler system will operate as designed. The fire pump is usually powered by an electric motor and is typically located in a dry, protected area.
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The jockey pump in a fire system is an essential component in putting out fires, especially in high-rise buildings. Working together with fire sprinkler systems, jockey pumps help distribute water to areas that normal firefighting equipment cannot reach.The jockey pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to activate the sprinkler system. Building owners need to ensure that it is fully functioning to keep their occupants and property safe during an emergency. If there is one component that should be considered the heart of a building’s fire safety system, it’s the jockey pump. This device drives adequate pressure to the fire sprinkler system, one of the first defences against a fire. Jockey pumps maintain the pressure in the sprinkler system so that the fire pump doesn’t have to run all the time. It also protects the sprinkler system from damage during a fire when water rushes into the pipes.

ZJBetter EDJ fire fighting package set is composed of diesel fire pump, electric motor fire pump and jockey pump. Electric fire water pump can choose single-stage pump, horizontal split case pump, end suction pump, multistage centrifugal pump, vertical turbine pump which are made of cast iron or stainless steel. Regarding to the impeller, we also could choose the bronze impeller. Diesel fire pump, the flow is same as the electric pump. The diesel engine is combined by high elastic coupling or universal joint connection. The diesel fire pump set also includes fuel tank, water tank, fan, control panel and other components. Jockey pump which is horizontal or vertical. Welcome to inquriy!

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