What to check and accept when the diesel engine fire pump is delivered?


Diesel engine fire pump mainly consists of water pump (different types can be selected according to flow rate and head), diesel engine (different brands can be selected according to order requirements) and a series of accessories including battery, fuel oil, lubricating oil filtration system, exhaust system with muffler, engine Water cooling system, diesel engine control system and other components. The advantage of the product is that when a fire breaks out, the power supply fails, and the electric fire pump group cannot be used normally, the diesel engine fire pump can be automatically put into operation to ensure the normal fire fighting, and there is no need for long-term investment in power supply, which can save the mains power supply transformer and normal expenses.
What do you need to pay attention to when checking and accepting the diesel engine fire pump you ordered?
1. Diesel engine fire pumps and fans are not allowed to be started by frequency conversion, and frequency converters are not allowed in the control cabinet to ensure that the equipment can be in a long-term normal standby state, and can be started at any time in one step and directly put into fire fighting work.
2. The maximum number of the circuit is not allowed to exceed 200. If it exceeds this number, another circuit should be added, and an isolator should be added to the circuit. An isolator can only carry 32 points. It is also not allowed to install the modules in the strong current distribution box, and there should be a dedicated module box.
3. The power cords should wear fire-resistant copper core wires, that is, the wires beginning with NH, and the cross-section should not be less than 1.5 square meters. The signal wires can reduce the requirements, and the flame-retardant type should be used, which starts with ZR.
4. Diesel engine fire pump is linked with 24V power supply, measured with a multimeter on site, the voltage cannot be lower than 22.8V, if it is lower than this number, an additional 24V power supply should be added on site.
5. When checking and accepting the linkage relationship compiled by the manufacturer, one probe should not be used to link the diesel engine fire pump facility, but any two probes in the area or any probe plus any manual alarm should be used to start the linkage.
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