Diesel engine fire pump operation training


First of all, it must be clear that the start of the diesel engine fire pump is divided into manual mode and automatic mode. In manual mode, it needs to cooperate with the control cabinet to start and stop operations. In automatic mode, the start is remote operation, and the stop also requires control cabinet operation.
1.Description of the control cabinet

Diesel engine fire pump control cabinet has start button, stop button, diesel engine acceleration button, diesel engine deceleration button, instrument panel displays oil pressure, speed, water temperature; there are also power indicator light, operation indicator light, stop indicator light, diesel engine acceleration indicator light, Diesel engine deceleration indicator light, fault alarm indicator light; "automatic" or "manual" operating status can be selected on the control cabinet, and the status can be monitored remotely

2. Check before starting the diesel fire pump

Check that the oil level of the fuel tank is above 1/2 of the oil level gauge; the water level of the water tank is at the top of the diesel engine cooler, open the water injection cover in the cooling state before starting to check; the inlet and outlet valves of the diesel fire pump are opened; the voltage of the diesel engine battery is normal (24V); the oil level suitable

3. Diesel engine fire pump manual start
After the inspection is normal, the diesel pump can be started.
a. Turn the start mode switch on the control cabinet to the "manual" position, and press the "diesel engine start" button on the control cabinet for 2~3 seconds to start the diesel engine
b. After the diesel engine runs at a low speed for about half a minute and stabilizes, press the "diesel engine acceleration button" for 1 second, then release it, and the speed increases. After the diesel engine is stable, press the "diesel engine acceleration button" again for 1 second. The diesel engine speeds up gradually to the set value, and the operation of the pump is observed on the spot. If the speed of the diesel engine is too high, you need to jog and press the "Diesel Engine Deceleration" button to reduce the speed to the rated speed
4. Diesel engine fire pump starts automatically
a. The start mode knob of the control cabinet is in the "automatic" mode, and the "start" button of the diesel fire pump is pressed remotely
b. In this case, the diesel pump automatically executes the process of starting, increasing speed and constant speed without human intervention
c. In the automatic mode, it can only be started and cannot be stopped, and the stop needs to be operated through the control cabinet
5. Diesel fire pump stops
When the diesel pump is stopped, press the "Diesel Engine Deceleration" button for 1 second, the speed will drop, then press the "Diesel Engine Press the "Stop" button for 3-5 seconds, release the button after the diesel engine stops completely, and the stop is over.
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