How to debug the fire pump correctly?


Many customers will have some questions about how to install and debug the fire pump after purchasing the fire pump in Xizhiquan. After consulting the technical staff in the company, I will tell you how to better arrange and debug the fire pump. Correct positioning and reasonable debugging can keep the fire pump running effectively for a longer period of time.
Generally speaking, the fire pumps will be concentrated under the pipe gallery, or next to the pipe gallery, and can also be arranged near the area with pump equipment. When arranging the fire pump, it is best to choose a place with good ventilation and easy operation and maintenance.

1. Fire pumps arranged in semi-open air

 If the fire pump is arranged in the semi-open air, that is, it is generally arranged under the pipe gallery, and the ceiling is arranged on the upper part of the pipeline. Of course, the fire pump can also be arranged on the lower layer of the frame, and the platform of the frame is used as the ceiling. According to the layout requirements of the fire pump, the fire pump can be arranged in single row and double row, or in multiple rows.

2. Arrangement of indoor fire pump

Generally speaking, it is necessary to place the fire pump indoors in colder, windy and sandy areas, or in some special occasions with special process requirements. When arranging indoor fire pumps, attention should be paid to fire and explosion protection, as well as heating, ventilation and lighting conditions.
The fire pump is adjusted to the best state, so that it can run stably, avoid unnecessary failures, and effectively extend the service life of the fire pump. When debugging, it can simulate the design starting conditions, start the fire pump, and stop running automatically after reaching the system design pressure.
a. Put into normal operation time. Regardless of whether it is an automatic start or a manual start fire pump, it should be put into normal operation within 60 seconds.
b. If the fire pump switches to the standby power supply, or when switching the standby pump, the start-up time should be completed within 60 seconds and put into normal operation.
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