Water Supply pump station, Pump Energy Saving Case Studies


Water supply General Company takes charge of water supply work through the city, water supply service ultimately need support of pump. However, from the current phenomenon, the consumption of large electric water pump, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of water supply, affecting the economic efficiency Water Supply enterprises. Therefore, we must strengthen the supply of energy-saving pump, water pump by optimizing the internal structure and improve its performance, adjust the pump configuration methods to achieve energy savings. This paper analyzes the effect of pump energy-saving technology, and after the transformation Water Supply pump station.  
 water pump station
1.1 Data Acquisition and Analysis
(1) Data analysis for reducing pump energy-efficiency retrofits have a very important role; the unit operation of the relevant data collection, such as motor current, power, pipeline pressure and flow data collection, under certain conditions, the primary use of PLC data acquisition to facilitate the extraction of relevant data and analysis related to the operation of centrifugal pump curves, calculated for each unit equipped with water and electricity consumption and other data.
(2) Prescribe the right medicine: through data analysis to identify the main issues to improve the way to do comparative analysis of the program, taking into account the economic costs, the difficulty of transformation, energy-saving effect, among other factors.
1.2 Enhance the operating efficiency of the pump 
Different types of pumps have different operating efficiency, such as: double suction centrifugal pump operation efficiency is typically 80% -85%, however, in the actual work, it is prone to irrational allocation of water pumps, can not effectively meet the same real conditions and so on, usually causes the pump is running away from the operating point of the high zone, so that the pump potentially not full operating capacity, affecting their work efficiency. After practice analysis showed that: in the actual operation of some pump aging rate reached only half of the design criteria. Solutions to this you can choose the following:
(1) Cutting impeller. (2) Replace the pump.
1.3 Install Speed Pump
Centrifugal pumps are usually suitable for industrial water, residents' daily water supply services, engineering before resistance curve at the intersection of the pump curve and water pipes can affect the output characteristics of a centrifugal pump to a large extent.
In order to achieve the purpose of saving the economy, while you can choose a frequency control motor function, relying on its scientific operating rate adjustment pump so that the pump flexible to adapt to different conditions. Pump power consumption decreases as its speed is reduced, thus saving more energy, proved with the help of the inverter, the saving rate of 20% -50%.
1.4 focuses on equipment maintenance
In general, based on actual usage, regular maintenance work on the water pump, replace the bearing lubricant; open the lid to check the water pump impeller cavitations, the bush - wear.
(1) Leaves the pump cavitations serious situation:
(2) Replace the water pump from filler:
1.5 Preferably saving water pump energy policy
(1) Preferred to use the national energy-saving products, elimination of high-efficiency motors, pumps, valves.
(2) a number of manufacturing enterprises, due to the production, requiring a higher water pressure, and water level changes in demand within a day is also large, so that the water pumping station on the proposed new requirements, the number of devices you can adjust the frequency, on the basis of scientific up control valve opening, and ultimately achieve the purpose of regulating the water pressure. This will not only be able to meet the water needs of enterprises, but also to achieve energy saving purposes.
(3) If the pump speed in a non-operational state, at the same time, the location of their work with the design requirements differ significantly, but also unable to optimize its operating efficiency through the use of other methods, then, can be considered a new replacement pump.