Some Notes when using submersible sewage pump


Before the use of submersible sewage pump should be carefully examined whether the cable is damaged, loose fasteners or shedding submersible sewage pump Overview When using precautions.
1, submersible sewage pump is mounted fixed and mobile two. When fixed automatic installation, you should wear the chains separately into (departing from the pump outlet, the wiring should be parallel to the pump outlet) two eye bolts or lifting plate lifting up and down the pump. Uniformly slowly slipped along the rails until the automatic coupling in place. When a mobile installation, the first hose cover is good, with a chain rope up and down through the two rings lifting pump, pay attention to not cut the cable as a rope to use, to avoid danger.
submersible sewage pump
2, with the same pump 500V megger between the motor and the relative insulation resistance, and its value should not be less than 2 megohms, otherwise respond to motor stator windings drying, drying temperature must not exceed 120 ℃.
3, submersible sewage pump before use should be carefully examined whether the cable is damaged, loose fasteners or off, the pump in the transport, storage, installation process without deformation or damage.
4, no self-circulation cooling device out of the water pump is prohibited overall long-term operation to prevent overheating damage to the pump.
5, the pump may not be a long period of running at a low lift state (general use shall not be less than 60% of the nominal head of the head), preferably controlled within the recommended range of lift to prevent pump burn out the motor due to overloading.
6, submersible sewage pump in the absence of exceptional circumstances must be equipped with automatic pump control cabinet, not directly linked to the grid or use the knife switch to turn on the power, to ensure the normal operation of the electric pump.
7, submersible sewage pump chassis ground must be in strict accordance with the relevant regulations properly connected, in order to ensure personal safety when used in pump operation, it is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the installation work or move people into the water, just in case pump leakage occur Accident.
8, the direction of rotation submersible sewage pump is turned back from the inlet to rotate counterclockwise as viewed, if the pump reverse, just the cable in any two lines were reversed wiring location.