Steps of Water Pump Selection and the necessity of correct Water Pump selection


 Selection of Water Pump mainly related to the working medium, the working medium properties, head, flow, temperature and other data, a suitable Water Pump is not only smooth operation, long life, and can provide users with the greatest degree of cost savings.
The water pump is a wide range of general-purpose face a lot of machinery and equipment, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, light industry, agriculture, civil and defense sectors. Effort to reduce pump energy consumption, save energy with great significance with. In recent years, Zhejiang better Pump designed and developed a number of energy-efficient products, such as IHF, CQB, FSB, UHB and other types of pumps, reducing pump energy consumption played a positive role.
Reasonable pump selection is to consider the investment and operating costs of the pump units and pumping stations and other comprehensive technical and economic indicators, to be in line with economic, security, the principle applies. Specifically, the following areas: the use of flow and head must meet the requirement that the intersection of the pump device characteristic curve and pump performance curve in the high range keep running, so not only save power but also easy to damage the parts. The selected pump both small size, light weight, low cost, but also has good characteristics and high efficiency. It has a good anti-cavitation performance, not only can reduce the excavation depth of the pumping station, without making the fire pump cavitation, smooth operation and long life. Press the selected Pump Station, project less investment, low operating costs.
Pump selection list basic data:
1, the properties of the medium: media name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosive, toxic and so on.
2, the medium contained in the particle diameter of the solids content of the number.
3, medium temperature: (℃)
4, the flow rate required for general industrial pumps can be ignored in the process piping system leakage, but must consider the impact on traffic during process variations. If the pump is the use of agricultural water nullah, it must also be considered seepage and evaporation.
5, pressure: pressure sump, drain tank pressure, the pressure drop in the pipe system.
6, the data pipeline system.
It means the characteristic curve should also be made if necessary. In piping design and layout, we should note the following:
1, a reasonable choice of pipe diameter, pipe diameter, and at the same flow rate, low flow rate, low pressure loss, but the price is high, the small diameter of the pipe will lead to resistance loss increases rapidly, so that the selected pump head increases with with a power increase, and operating costs have increased. Therefore, technical and economic point of view should be taken into account.
2, the discharge pipe and fittings should be considered can withstand the maximum pressure.
3, pipe layout should be as straight tubes arranged to minimize the pipeline and minimize the length of the pipe attachment must turn when the elbow bend radius should be 3 to 5 times the pipe diameter, the angle is greater than 90 possible ℃.
4, the discharge side of the pump to be fitted with valves and check valves. The valve is used to adjust the pump operating point, when the check valve prevents backflow of liquid pump inverted, and the pump to prevent water hammer blow.