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What is the difference between a water pump and a fire pump

Fire pumps and ordinary water pumps all belong to water pumps, and some people even use water pumps as fire pumps, but it is actually wrong. In fact, they are still completely different, so what are the specific differences? From the following 5 parts:
  • The material
  • The price
  • The Color
  • The safety
  • The flow

The material
Fire pumps require more high-quality material than ordinary water pumps. Taking the impeller, an important component of water pumps, ordinary water pumps generally use cast iron and other materials, while fire pumps generally use copper alloys. Fire pumps are not used most of the time. They may be idle for several months, two to three years, or even longer. Mechanical equipment left unused for a long time is easily damaged. In order to ensure that the fire pump plays a key role at a critical time, the design and manufacturing technology must be more particular. It requires more reasonable structural design, better material selection, and more sophisticated manufacturing technology.
The price
Because the technology and materials used in fire pumps are of high quality, the price will be higher than that of ordinary water pumps.

The Color
Ordinary water pumps are used exclusively for domestic water supply and are different from fire pumps. More importantly, the equipment has obvious differences in color. Ordinary water pumps use blue paint, while fire pumps use red paint.

The safety
The fire pump is used to ensure the water volume and pressure of the fire fighting water. It involves personal safety and property protection. It must operate reliably, quickly and in time, so the fire pump has a short water diversion time and good starting performance. Moreover, the pump body is required to have reasonable structure, appropriate material and high reliability. Ordinary water pumps may be replaced if they are not used due to long-term use, but fire pumps are not. For this reason, in this long-term fire protection safety guarantee, relevant technologies are needed to prevent corrosion of relevant parts and parts of mechanical equipment.
The flow
Compared with domestic water pumps, the flow required by fire water pumps is relatively regular. Various types of fire pumps require different flow rates depending on the place they are used. The water supply of fire fighting water pumps generally adopts the method of directly supplying water to fire-extinguishing facilities (fire hydrants, sprinklers) by water pumps. During the initial fire extinguishing or self-inspection operation, supply water for a small flow, and supply water at the design flow during the fire development stage. The flow required by ordinary water pumps is generally relatively small.

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