The Rio Olympic swimming pools turn green is water circulating pump problem?


The Rio Olympic swimming pools turn green is water circulating pump Recently, the Rio Olympic pool turned green netizens concern,about women's double 10m diving finals in local time, the original clear blue water slowly into the green. The day before the men's diving events, when the pool of water or normal blue. A spokesman for the German delegation said that the Olympics is the pool circulating water pump out of the question. Subsequently, the BOCOG official also issued a statement saying there is no problem of water quality, game players and there is no risk. However, the water green reasons, did not give a clear explanation. Swimming pool water treatment apparatus generally includes loop filter pumps, high pressure sand filtration tanks, sand filters, automatic water efficient aeration fine filter machines.
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It is reported that foreign friends poll on Twitter, guessing the cause of green water, "algae" and "urine" these two options with the same 34% tied for first place. Really enough, considering you girls feelings? 50 m long standard swimming pool, 21 meters wide, the Olympic Games World Championships claim 25 meters wide, only half of that is in addition to the length of the 25-meter pool is called short-course. Depths greater than 1.8 m. There are eight lanes, each 2.5 meters wide, 0.5 meters plus side road, between two lanes partakers Line Road, the lane rope with buoys hanging on the wall at both ends of the line points, equipped with wall hanging hook line, bottom end walls and pool lane center line should be set as a dark mark line.

Departure station should be located in the center of each lane center line, the table 50 cm. Taiwan faces the front edge of the water should be 50-70 cm above the water, the water table tends not to exceed 10 degrees. Swimming pool deck width departure station side is generally not less than 5 meters, the remaining pond shore is not less than 3 meters. Official competition pool, pond shore starting block is not less than 10 meters wide, the other shore is not less than 5 meters wide.