Rio Olympic swimming sport not just witness fast and furious


With Phelps as the representative of the old players to show the stick force. This is a 31-year-old Phelps to participate in the fifth Olympic Games, the star is still writing a legend, he won 5 gold,1 silver,the people around him on the podium at every turn more than 10 years younger than him. Now the game is much more difficult than in the past. But after the London Olympics with 18 gold, 22 medals Swordsman he still chose to return, this figure will be rewritten as 23 medals 28 medals.
Swimming pool water pump
In the swimming stadium, and age greater than Phelps champion. 35-year-old American veteran Elvin here to let the world witness is not even of age resistance, 16 years ago, he was 50 meters from the Sydney Olympic Games champion, 16 years later, he staged a Return of the King;During this period, he also retired eight years, went to school, but also playing heavy metal rock, swimming in 2011 only to return to the game,Who can imagine a 35-year-old veteran how much to pay to stick to the present, Irvine will continue his own story, he will participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Also Sun Yang, the Chinese swimming's biggest star in Rio swim 200 meters freestyle on the sick,But insisted on participating in 1,500-meter freestyle preliminaries. This strong and stick touching. 
Men's 100m Butterfly 12th, Phelps had never lost in the Olympics project, the day is not lost to a well-known Singapore teenager, Si Kulin. Siku Lin grew up as a fan of Phelps, appeared on the Internet after he won eight years ago, a photo of the two, was only 13 years old Siku Lin happy face standing next idol. Eight years later, 21-year-old Siku Lin actually defeated his idol, won the first gold of the Games in Singapore. This is the positive energy idol, but also the spirit of sport heritage. 
Phelps such a superstar inspired a generation of people swimming, Siku Lin is not the first beat Phelps fans, tied for the silver medal is a big fan of Clos Phelps, I grew up watching Phil Phillips grew up in the video game, his 200-meter butterfly at the London Olympics Phelps won. There are also rival Sun Yang and Park Tae-hwan sympathetic, Australia Campbells Wife's sister, has many years of Phelps and Rochette "comrades" of friendship, all impressive.Rio Olympic swimming sport not just witness fast and furious