How to improve the efficiency of diesel engine multistage pump? | ZJBetter


1. Application of frequency conversion energy-saving technology. For diesel multistage pumps with design parameters larger than the actual operating conditions, after installing the variable frequency speed control device, it always runs in the high efficiency zone.
2. Promote the application of new energy-saving products such as high-efficiency and energy-saving permanent magnet speed-regulating motors and two power motors on the main diesel engine multistage pumps.
3. Selection of diesel multistage pumps. When selecting a new pump, a multistage pump produced by a large manufacturer should be selected to ensure the efficiency of the multistage pump.

4. Maintenance of multistage diesel engine pump.
(1) Check and adjust the pump shaft end seal of diesel engine multistage pump to reduce the volume loss;
(2) After the multistage pump has been running for 10,000 hours, it should be overhauled to restore the pump efficiency;
(3) Promote the application of bellows sealing technology on diesel multistage pumps to completely eliminate multistage pump leakage and improve volumetric efficiency.

5. Regularly clean the filter tank, check the pipeline connection, and ensure that the multistage pump inlet line is smooth.
6. Strictly follow the diesel engine multistage pump operation rules. Before starting the pump, run the pump, the inlet valve should be opened, the outlet valve should be closed, and the exhaust air should be vented to check whether the inlet pressure of the pump meets the requirements. Prevent the pump cavitation due to low supply pressure and insufficient flow. When the diesel multistage water pump is used to pump a mud flow containing large, medium and small materials in a liquid, the liquid is sprayed into the cylindrical chamber along the tangential plane to form a vortex, and a part of the liquid is tangentially The chamber is excluded; the slurry is sprayed axially into the chamber, the vortex separating the large size material from the remaining mud and liquid; the remaining mud and liquid are axially discharged from the chamber and sprayed into the multistage pump inlet. The materiels are used as the injection liquid for forming the vortex, thereby reducing the wear of the multistage pump impeller and improving the efficiency of the diesel multistage pump.
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