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The vertical turbine fire pump is a special pump that uses the flow and pressure of the sprinkler system. Its performance mainly includes three aspects: sealing, no leakage, and corrosion resistance. Because of the particularity of its use, it has strict requirements in terms of material selection and production. When a fire breaks out, this kind of pump can be used for the purpose of firefighting water supply through the burst of the automatic nozzle by sensing the temperature change. The setting of this alarm valve will automatically open the water head due to changes in external pressure to achieve the purpose of starting the spray pump.

The following is a short answer to introduce the basic knowledge of the vertical turbine fire pump:

The purpose of use is achieved by transporting clean water without soil particles or liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water, and pressurizing water through pipes.

2. Fire levels
Although they are all sprinkler pumps used for fire fighting, there are many types of such sprinkler pumps because of different fire hazard levels. For example, the number of nozzles, nozzle pressure and flow rate, etc. are all different. Of course, the length of the spray pipe used needs to be comprehensively considered according to the needs of the use environment.
3. Product classification
Basically, there are two types of fire pumps: vertical fire pumps and horizontal fire pumps. They are generally used for liquid transportation, and they are used for the main fire protection in terms of functionality. When the flow of liquid is conveyed, it may also need to match the production capacity of the device.

4. Selection matters
The vertical turbine fire pump needs to be determined according to the actual use. For example, there are fire sprinkler pumps and fire booster pumps, which are of different types. The difference is that there are obvious differences in head and flow. Because of the different use occasions, when choosing this type of spray pump, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider whether the head volume can match the water supply.
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