Debugging and precautions of fire pumps


Before the fire pump is running and pay attention to debugging, the main purpose is to make the values of all aspects meet the relevant requirements, and there is no abnormality. When debugging, sometimes there is a situation where the pressure cannot meet the specified requirements. At this time, we need to consider the reasons for this situation. It is very likely that the motor is reversed. To find the cause, we should prescribe the right medicine. The motor reverses, we need to see the three-phase wires to exchange any of their phase sequence, and it can be solved.

After changing the phase sequence, there are still have problems, so we should deal with the pump outlet pipe and make some air venting facilities. It will be normal when the pump has started to run. If it does not reach it, or cause the pump to run over pressure. We should also check the lower pump regularly. During the inspection, the weight of the fire pump should be uniform and there should be no abnormal sound. Then, check and refuel. Sometimes there is definitely no way to be extremely accurate. Therefore, it is okay if the position is slightly lower than the center line. In addition, check the pumping time. 
After the water pump is started, the float should be in operation, and there should be no water in the exhaust pipe. If there is water during the inspection, the gasket must be replaced to ensure that the sealing body is tight and the exhaust is also normal. The main items to be checked regularly are these, and then, to see whether the various parts of the fire pump are firmly connected and can run smoothly. This will not only ensure that everything is normal when needed. 

Before assembling, some new parts also need to be maintained. Most of them use grease. It is good to put a thick layer of grease on the equipment. Various dusts will not enter the interior. 

The daily maintenance of the fire pump is very important. All steps should be installed before use and also require attention. According to the original regulations, no equipment and lines can be changed at will. The power voltage needs to operate stably.
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