ZJBetter new two start diesel fire pump set can solve pump start failure perfectly


Diesel engine fire pump set is a kind of mechatronics equipment that is directly driven by diesel engine and can start and complete water supply in a short time. The diesel fire pump set does not require an external power supply. Diesel water pumps are suitable for agricultural irrigation, emergency rescue, smelting, hangars, petrochemical oil depots, power plants, liquefied gas stations, textiles and other fire-fighting water supply occasions, especially when there is no electricity, it is the safest choice to choose a diesel engine water pump.

On the basis of the original design, ZJBetter new diesel fire pump set has added a mechanical emergency start, one for use and one for backup. This function can ensure that when the normal start fails, the fire pump can be turned on normally to deal with the start failure in emergency situations. ZJBetter two start diesel fire pump set can be customized according to special requirements. If you need to buy diesel fire pump set, please tell your requirements in advance, and provide us with flow and head parameters,
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