Some Notes about Agricultural submersible pump maintenance


To cope with the necessary maintenance of the submersible fire pump, to extend its service life and ensure the normal use of busy:
1, check the parts: submersible pump impeller, ring, sleeve, bearing and others are wearing parts. The first part of the pump should be removed, check whether the vulnerability is intact. Use of damage and non qualified spare parts.
2, remove the pump shell anti rust: before the spring should open the upper level of the pump shell and the impeller rotation starter switch and then to prevent the parts from rust can not be normally start to burn motor. This maintenance is particularly important for water filled motors.
3, dry motor: 500 megohm table measuring submersible pump casing of the winding and insulation resistance, if less than 0.5 megohm resistance, it should be repel water motor. Drying methods: external drying method, current drying method and the combination of both dry method. The external drying method is using the external heat source for processing, commonly used measures: the blowing hot air: using electric heater blower (agricultural miniature submersible pump available hair dryer) blowing hot air to achieve the purpose of drying; bulbs baking: in a closed box using number of around 200 Watt light bulb for baking. Pay attention to baking temperature can not be too high, should be controlled at 125 DEG C; the current drying: according to the size of the submersible pump impedance and power of the three-phase motor winding in series or parallel and access a variable resistor, adjusting the amount of current rated current value of about 60%, electricity dry.
4, to ensure the sealing: agricultural submersible pumps to sealing requirements are very strict, in the interior to replace oil seal, if it is found that the oil pollution and high water content, you must whole replacement or replace the seal box or sealing ring, to ensure the sealing performance is good.
5, bearing inspection: check the motor part of the upper and lower bearings, if found wear and tear or gap is too large, should be the timely replacement of the new bearing, prohibited use of "sick" improvise. Inspection methods are as follows: if the motor running, "Ka thump" sound and cycle and speed is proportional to, and rotate the rotor with hand feel laborious, bearing roller on the road a bit astringent or with avulsion phenomenon; if issued bearing intermittent "choking choking sound, hand rotation of the rotor die when there is uncertainty, the general is ball frame damage, inner ring cracking or breaking ball. In the case of the above, the bearing must be replaced so as not to cause greater damage.
6, to ensure that the bearing lubrication: the water filling submersible pump should be replaced on the bottom cover of the bearing housing and the framework of the oil seal and lithium base grease. To ensure that the bearings are lubricated for a long time in a state of good lubrication.
7, replace the lubricating oil: open the sealing chamber and the motor oil hole screw, the sealing interior and motor oil all released, the replacement of new oil, to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.