Some Safe Tips When Use Of Small Submersible Fire Pumps


Small submersible fire pump is compact and lightweight characteristics, it plays an important role in farm irrigation and domestic water. When use should note the following:
You must install leakage protection. Submersible fire pump underwater work, easy to leakage caused by power loss and even lead to electric shock. If you have leakage protection, as long as the submersible pump leakage current exceeds a certain value (generally not more than 30 mA), leakage protection submersible pump will cut off power to avoid electrical waste of energy, to ensure safety.
When you install submersible fire pump cables to overhead power lines not too long. Do not force the cable into the water or proposed submersible pump, the power cord to avoid breakage. Do not sink into the mud when the submersible fire pump to work, otherwise it will lead to poor motor heat and burn out the motor windings. When installed, the motor insulation resistance of not less than 0.5 megohms.
Try to avoid abnormal power supply voltage. Power supply voltage and rated voltage can not be a difference of 10%, excessive voltage will cause the motor to overheat and burn out the winding, low voltage, the motor speed decreases, such as less than the rated speed of 70%, start centrifugal switch closes, causing long start winding is energized to generate heat and even burn winding and a capacitor.
Do not frequently switch motor. Because it will produce reflux pump stopped, if start immediately, will start the motor load, leading to start winding current is too large to burn.
Should find out the direction of rotation of the motor, there are now many types of submersible pumps when the water being Jieke forward and reverse, but reversed the small amount of water, current, motor reverse a long time will damage the motor windings.
Not let the pump long-term overload, do not smoke sediment large water pump dehydration running time not too long, in order to avoid the motor overheating and burning. Unit in operation, the operator must always observe the value of the operating voltage and current is specified on the nameplate, do not meet the motor should stop running, find out the reasons and troubleshooting.