Motor type composition and meaning


By the motor type code, electrical characteristics of the code, design number and excitation mode code sequence composed of four sections.
1, type code characterizing various types of motors and the use of phonetic alphabet.
For example: asynchronous motor Y; synchronous motor T; synchronous generator TF; DC motor Z; DC generator ZF
2, the characteristics of the code is to characterize the performance of the motor, structure or use, or the use of Hanyu Pinyin letters.
For example: flameproof represented by B; by YT on YB axial fan; electromagnetic brake type YEJ; inverter type YVP; multi-speed type YD; cranes YZD like.
pump motor water pump motor
3, the number refers to the order of the motor design product design, with Arabic numerals. For the first time the design of the product is not marked design number of products order products derived design labels. For example: Y2, YB2
4, excitation mode code are represented by the letters, S represents the third harmonic, J represents a thyristor, X represents phase compound excitation.
Such as: Y2-- 160 M1 - 8
Y: models for asynchronous motor;
2: design number "2" represents the first products based on the improved design;
160: Central High, is the shaft center to the base plane height;
M1: standard frame length, M is a medium, wherein the subscript "2" is M-shaped core of a second size, and "2" type than "1" type core length.
8: Number of poles, "8" refers to the 8-pole motors.
Such as: Y 630-10 / 1180
Y represents an induction motor;
630 shows the power of 630KW;
10-pole, the outer diameter of the stator core 1180MM.