Four basic types of pump impeller: runner, vane, centrifugal spiral, swirl


There are four basic types of pump impeller flow channel type (single channel, double channel), blade (closed, open), centrifugal spiral, swirl-four. Closed impeller centrifugal impeller is generally used.
Flow impeller from the inlet to the outlet is a curved flow channel, this type of impeller for conveying liquid containing large particles of impurities or long fibers. This type impeller with excellent anti-clogging properties. His flaw of cavitation resistance weaker than other forms.
Vane impeller in semi-open, open impeller casting convenient, easy to maintain and clean up the transportation process clogging impurities. Its flaw of abrasion during transport of solid particles under the pressure of the water gap between the inner wall and the blade increases, reducing pump efficiency, because the gap is increased so that the stability of the flow path in the flow patterns of liquid damage,pump vibration, this kind of type of impeller is not easy to transport medium containing large particles and long fibers. Closed impeller high efficiency, long run smoothly, the axial thrust of the water pump is small,closed impeller easily entangled and difficult to transport sewage containing large particles or medium containing long fibers.
Swirl impeller impeller is reduced in whole or in part from the chamber to the pressurized water flow channel, it has a good anti-clogging properties. Particles in vortex flow driven by water pressure chamber by the impeller rotation motion,suspended particles motion itself does not produce energy, the flow path and liquid exchange energy. In the flow process, long fibers or suspended particles are not in contact with the blade wear,multi-blade wear lighter, the case and the gap enlarged due to abrasion does not exist,suitable for pumping medium containing large particles and long fibers.
Screw centrifugal impeller blade is twisted style, on the tapered hub body extending axially from the suction rim. When conveying liquid flowing through the blade does not strike any part of the pump, so there is no damage to the skid mounted fire pump type, at the same time conveying the liquid have no destructive spiral due role in the promotion, suspended particles through strong, therefore, using this type of impeller pumps suitable for pumping medium containing large particles and long fibers.