One important point before starting fire pumps you cannot ignore


Fire pump is an important equipment to deal with the fire scene, and it also needs daily maintenance. However, one thing is often overlooked: valve the gas in the fire pump before starting, so the service life of the fire pump can be longer.

First of all, if the fire pump is filled with gas before the fire pump is started, then when the gas in the center of the impeller is thrown after the start, a sufficient vacuum cannot be formed there, so that the liquid in the tank cannot be sucked up. This phenomenon is called gas bind. In order to avoid the frequent occurrence of air bind, valve the gas before starting the fire pump.

fire pump set
Secondly, the gas can be compressed. Once the gas is compressed, it will occupy the space of the fire pump and cannot be sealed, and the water pump cannot pump water. If the fire pump does not vent before starting, it is easy to compress the gas. Therefore, from the perspective of prevention, it is correct to deflate the fire pump before starting.

No matter how good the quality is, products need to be taken care of. Before starting the fire pump, valve the air. Many people don't know this action, and even those who know don't necessarily do it every time. I hope that the majority of new and old customers can maintain the fire pump after purchasing, so that they can use the fire pump better and longer.
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