Vibration isolation ways of the self-priming fire pump (1)


1. Vibration isolation components should be arranged symmetrically according to the central axis of the pump unit, and the plane arrangement of rubber vibration isolation pads can be arranged in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
2. When the vibration isolation element of the unit adopts six support points, four of which are arranged at the four corners of the inert block or section steel frame, and the others should be set on the long side line, and their positions should be adjusted to make the compression deformation of the vibration isolation element to be as consistent as possible.
3. When rubber vibration isolation pads or damping spring vibration isolators are installed for vibration isolation of self-priming fire pump set, under normal circumstances, the rubber vibration isolation pads and damping spring vibration isolators should not be separated from the ground, and it need to be glued or fixed between the inert block or the steel frame.

4. When rubber vibration isolators are used for vibration isolation installation of vertical water pump, a steel frame should be installed under the base of the pump unit and adopt anchored installation; bolts should be fixed between the steel frame and the rubber vibration isolator (with spring washers) ). Anchor bolts are set on the ground or floor, and the rubber vibration isolator is fixed on the ground or floor through the anchor bolts.
5. The sideline of the rubber vibration isolation pad shall not exceed the sideline of the inert block; the supporting area of the section steel frame shall not be less than the supporting area of the top of the vibration isolation element.
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