Vibration isolation ways of the self-priming fire pump (2)


6. The rubber vibration isolation pad is arranged in a single layer, and when the frequency ratio cannot meet the requirements, it can be arranged in multiple layers in series, but the number of vibration isolation pads should not be more than five. The type, number of pieces, area and rubber hardness of each layer of rubber vibration isolation pads arranged in series should be completely consistent.
7. When multiple layers of rubber vibration isolation pads are installed in series, each layer of vibration isolation pads should be separated by galvanized steel plates with a thickness of not less than 4mm. The steel plates should be flat, and the vibration isolation pads and steel plates should be bonded with adhesive. The plane size of the galvanized steel sheet should be 10mm larger than each end of the rubber vibration isolation pad. The rubber vibration isolation pads bonded to the upper and lower layers of the galvanized steel sheet shall be arranged in a staggered manner.

8. Before construction and installation, it should be checked in time, and the static compression deformation of the vibration isolation component should not exceed the allowable value during installation.
9. When install the water pump, the supporting ground on which the water pump unit is installed must be flat and should have sufficient bearing capacity.
10. The vibration isolation components of the unit should avoid contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents.
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