How to improve the running life of vertical pipe pump?


 Vertical pipeline pumps are widely used in high and low-temperature oil transportation in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, power stations and other fields, as well as in oil supply systems and lubrication systems in mechanical equipment, how to improve the operating life of vertical pipeline pumps, It is a topic that everyone is very concerned about.

The operation of how to extend the operating life of the pipeline pump is listed below:
1. Since the pump body is operated at high temperature, the hinged support should be provided on the piping during cold installation to prevent the displacement of the piping after heating.
2. The coupling must be hot after the pump has warmed up to avoid additional torque during operation.
3. The pump outlet pressure measuring point should be set to stop the alarm. Otherwise, once the discharge pipe is blocked, the pump body is easily damaged.
4. When the pump starts, when there is no pressure at the outlet, do not speed up blindly to prevent premature damage of the shaft or bearing.
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5. When cleaning the pipetting, do not use the pump to transport the cleaning fluid. The internal parts should be removed and installed after the pipetting is completed, to avoid foreign matter in the vertical pipe pump.
6. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the vertical pipeline pump body can be slightly lower than the temperature of the heat medium of the front and rear jacketed tubes. Because the melt viscosity and the shear rate are in a decreasing function, the extrusion of the gear, the shearing of the bearing will cause the melt temperature to rise by 3 to 5°C after the pump, and lowering the temperature of the heat medium can prevent melt degradation. The data shows that by reducing the temperature of the bearing zone, the bearing capacity of the bearing can be greatly increased, there is no need to replace the large-capacity pump, and the output capacity of the gear pump can be increased by 50% simply by increasing the rotational speed.
7. Speed up slowly, do not let the front and rear pressure rise sharply, so as not to damage the bearing or block the lubrication passage.
8. The melt filter behind the water pump outlet should be replaced regularly. Do not operate at high pressure or even pressure for a long time.
9. Regular replacement of bearings can save maintenance costs. When the wear of the inner surface of the shaft or bearing is found to be close to the thickness of the hardened layer, the shaft can be ground and used again, and only the bearing can be replaced, which can extend the life of the pump shaft by 8 to 10 years.
10. In the event of power outage or heat medium cycle interruption of more than 3Omin, the pump should be disassembled and reassembled to avoid damage to the pump due to poor lubrication of the melt due to solidification and cracking. Vertical pipeline pumps are ideal for conveying high viscosity liquids and are used in a wide range of applications.
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