How to properly fuel the fire pump?


The fire pump is a pump suitable for fire protection, and the fire pump needs regular maintenance. In particular, it is necessary to replenish the lubricating oil in the bearing in time to ensure that the oil level is positive before it can operate normally.
So, how to fuel the fire pump correctly?

What kind of situation does the fire pump need to refuel?
Generally speaking, the fire pump is in normal operation and its normal oil level should be within the range of 1/3-2/3 of the equipment oil level window or indication. Generally speaking, the oil level shown in the oil cup only represents the replenishing capacity, and the oil level of the bearing tank of the fire pump is to meet the operation requirements. When the oil level in the oil cup is less than 1/4 of its total volume, Need to consider replenishing oil.

How to properly fuel the fire pump?
1: Adopt qualified oil quality
It is recommended that enterprises and institutions with the ability to conduct oil quality tests before replenishment. The specific method is to compare the samples with fresh oil by taking a small amount of lubricating oil, and then verify it according to relevant standards.
1. If the sample looks like a cloud, it may be the result of mixing with water, which is often referred to as oil emulsification. Such a lubricant is not acceptable.
2. If the sample appears dark or thick, it may indicate that the lubricant has begun to carbonize and is not acceptable.

Lubricating oil is a mixture of complex hydrocarbons. It is used in various types of automobiles and machinery to reduce friction and protect liquid and semi-solid lubricants of machinery and workpieces. It is mainly used for lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering, etc. Fresh and qualified lubricants are generally tested by professional systems, obtain relevant certificates, and have a certain brand effect. Simple verification can be done by looking at the viscosity and smell, and the viscosity and moisture should meet the national standards. 

2: Effective replacement according to the operating environment of the fire pump
If the environment or operation of the fire pump causes the oil temperature to be below 60℃, and the lubricating oil is not contaminated, the lubricating oil can be replaced once a year; if the oil temperature is 60-100℃, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced 4 times a year; The oil temperature is 100-120℃, it is recommended to change once a month; if the oil temperature is above 120℃, it needs to be replaced weekly to ensure normal operation.
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