The fire pump is indispensable in these situations


With the development of social economy, intelligent buildings and high-rise buildings are gradually increasing. It is followed by more and more fire safety hazards. In the early stage of a fire, if fire can be extinguished in a timely and effective manner, major losses can be avoided. The effective way to extinguish fire is to provide sufficient fire water flow and head. The fire water provided by most intelligent buildings and high-rise buildings requires re-pressurization of fire pumps to meet the requirements of water flow and working head during fire fighting.
Fire pumps are an important guarantee for life safety. In the event of a fire or other crisis, if there is no fire pump, it is difficult to control the spread of the fire by manpower. Even if the call for help, if the firefighter arrives, it will be difficult to rescue without the help of a fire pump.

Let us take a look at what kind of negligence we will have in our daily lives so that we may need to start the fire pump:

1. Children play with fire, people with intellectual disabilities play with fire.
2. Fire caused by improper electrical wiring, equipment, aging equipment or improper installation and use.
3. Fires caused by people burning, cooking, lighting, equipment leaks, or accidental use.
4.Illegal people arson, a fire caused by arsonist and psychopath.
5. Before going out, please check the electrical appliances used in the home, is it already closed, especially the gas switch.
6. Friends who love to smoke. In many reports, 61% of large fires are often caused by a small cigarette.
7. Installing wires without permission is also very dangerous, and in places where there is danger, put flammable products. At the same time, for example, when looking for something, it may be necessary to illuminate because of the darkness. Do not use an naked light.
8. If the fire is not big enough, you can handle it yourself. After the fire is extinguished, remember to open the doors and windows so that the whole room can be ventilated and exchanged with fresh air. Otherwise, the gas that is burned or leaked, it is harmful.
9. Multistage fire pumps, in autumn and winter, it is very common to use electric stoves to roast fire. It is often dangerous to put clothes on top of stoves. Because many people will forget. Clothing burns directly because of too high temperature, and the clothes burning is still a trivial matter, but at this time If it is put on the electric heater, and it is conceivable how dangerous it is! If there is a gas leak, or the clothes are ignited, the main valve and the total electric switch should be quickly closed. And it can not be poured out by using the water.

In these cases, the fire pump is useful, especially when the fire is no longer controlled by manpower. The fire pump plays a bigger role!
Therefore, we should pay more attention to the safety of fire and improve the awareness of prevention

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