Pump Station Management - Maintenance of pump unit


In order to better serve the industrial and agricultural production and people's lives, all devices in pump stations should have high operational reliability, and ensure the unit is in good technical condition. Therefore, all mechanical and electrical equipment for pump stations must be normal inspection, maintenance and repair, updating those wearing parts difficult to repair, repair those parts repairable.

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Regular maintenance

Regular Maintenance is an important part of pump management, it mainly solve the problem which can be repaired in operation, or parts which must be overhauled according to regulations. There are three parts of regular maintenance: Partial Maintenance, Disintegration overhaul, Expanding overhaul.

Partial Maintenance

It means the operator can enter in direct contact with the parts, transmission parts, automation components and crew protection equipment, etc., the general arrangements for the winter maintenance period running clearance or a planned way. The main items are:

1) Inspection process of complete sets of pumps and controller 

2) Check the bearings of the pump

3) Check the thermometer, instrumentation, protection devices, etc.

4) Upper and lower guide bearing sump oil and turbine oil sampling tests, according to test results are processed。

5) Bearing clearance and tile surface inspection。

6) Brake section Inspection process。

7) Each unit fastener part positioning pin is loose or not

8) Oil cooler visual inspection and water test to see whether the leakage

9) Check the impeller, cavitations situation and sediment wear and blade impeller housing, and measuring the extent of its record.

10) Measurement gap blade and impeller housing.

In short Partial Maintenance purposes it is to create conditions for the safe operation, as Maintenance intervals, according to the different content and operation problems found and fixed.

Disintegration overhaul

Damage to the unit, there are two: First, accident damage, the probability of occurrence is very small. Second, the normal sexual damage, such as running friction wear, cavitations damage, sand abrasion, vibration caused by various kinds of interference, alternating the role of stress and corrosion, electrical insulation aging. Maintenance should be determined according to the size of the damage and the work crew member.

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Expanding overhaul

When the axis deviation due to the uneven ground subsidence caused by pump stations units, vertical concentric change, even if the fixed portion will also be affected, serious accident or serious wear parts, damage, causing the entire unit and the disintegration of a serious decline in the performance of the machine technology must be re-repair, replacement or adjustment, the transformation of a part, if necessary, repair the core part of the pump.