Better Technology CO., LTD mini ABB constant pressure water supply system in the vegetable greenhouses Drip Irrigation


With the off-season vegetables, fruits and recognized public today, the greenhouse, the case of the growing soilless cultivation techniques of cultivation play a leading role in the process of pumping system put forward higher requirements.

For some water-loving, thermophilic, hi gloss vegetables, soil less stringent requirements, but in order to obtain high yield, promote good root development, should choose deep soil, good drainage, fertile loam rich in organic matter. For example, tomatoes and other vegetables, both need more water, but often do not have a lot of irrigation, soil moisture generally 60 to 80% air humidity of 45 to 50% is appropriate. Usually after planting irrigation water Huanmiao 1, flowering shrub once every 7 days water, irrigation lies in 6-7m3 / acre. Into the fruit enlargement period, every 4-7 days, once irrigation, irrigation hands of 10-15m3 / acre.
In areas where conditions permit, can also be based on water evaporation outdoor weather station 1/2 guidance irrigation. Greenhouse tomato growth period irrigation water 120-150m3 / acre. As a result, ZHEJIANG BETTER PUMP Small ABB pump constant pressure water supply system, water supply in these different periods of change, the change is large difference in time to achieve a true unattended automated management.
Principle words: ZHEJIANG BETTER PUMP Small ABB pump constant pressure water supply system consists of pumps, PLC, ABB inverter, control systems, pressure sensors and other components to form a closed feedback control system. When the PLC receives the pressure sensor signal simulation, feedback to ABB inverter, inverter operation and controls the frequency of the motor to start the pump, according to the signal into a frequency 0-50Hz, when the frequency increases pressure drop, increases the pump speed increase head, flow rate, pressure reaches the set frequency unchanged. After the same frequency 30S, frequency begins to drop until it stops. Meanwhile, PLC electrical signal is received before the pressure is controlled by the PLC time, Tingri boot time, accurate to the second.