The sealing of fire pumps is one key factor in measuring the quality of fire pumps, it can not be ignored!


The sealing of fire pumps is one of the key factors in measuring the quality of fire pumps. So, how to control the sealing of the fire pump? Today we talk about how to check the seal ring of the fire pump.
What are the requirements for inspection of the seal ring?
The surface of the auxiliary seal ring is smooth and flat, and there must be no bubbles, cracks, gaps, etc.; the size of the end face should be uniform; the burr of the O-ring is at an angle of 45 degrees to the working surface.
Once the seal ring has bubbles, cracks, etc., the seal is leaking. For this reason, in the daily operation of the fire pump, it is necessary to carry out irregular inspections, and once found, replace or repair them immediately.
The hardness of the auxiliary seal ring should be selected according to the pressure, the sealing pressure is higher, the hardness is higher, and the sealing pressure is lower, the hardness is lower. Generally speaking, when the fire pump is manufactured, the professional manufacturer will have a standard, and the effective design will be based on the actual model, use and pressure of the fire pump to select the appropriate hardness. For example, the auxiliary seal ring is generally made of synthetic rubber material.
The compression amount of the auxiliary sealing ring should be appropriate, the compression amount is too large, the sealing effect is good, but the friction resistance is large and the assembly is difficult. The amount of compression is too small, the frictional resistance is small, the assembly is easy but the sealing effect is poor;

The compression of the auxiliary seal ring should take into account its other functions, such as the static ring, the static O type seal ring plays the dual role of sealing and anti-rotation. The compression of the sealing ring should be larger to avoid the static ring rotation and the sealing failure. The O-type seal ring of the moving ring, under the premise of ensuring the sealing effect, the compression amount is small, thereby preventing the resistance from being too large.
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