The Differences Between Fire Pumps and Domestic Water Pumps


Fire pumps and domestic water pumps belong to water pumps. They are actually different. So, what are the differences between fire pumps and domestic water pumps?
Compared to the domestic water pump, the flow required for the fire pump is relatively regular. The fire hydrant water supply system is incremented by 5L/s. The sprinkler system increases the flow rate of light risk level, medium risk level and severe risk level, and the various types of fire pumps vary according to the places of use.
The fire pump is used to ensure the water flow and water pressure of the fire fighting water, involving personal safety and property protection, and it must be reliable. The pump body is required to have a reasonable structure, appropriate material and high reliability. Better Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and produced single stage fire pumps, multistage fire pumps, submersible fire pumps and constant pressure fire pumps for many years. It has been favored by new and old customers. In recent years, with the advancement of technology,we have our own innovative diesel engine fire pumps, not only won the domestic market share, but also attracted buyers from all over the world.

Fire pump water supply generally uses water pump directly to the firefighting facilities (fire hydrants, sprinklers). Provide water for small flows during initial fire or self-test operation, and supply water at design flow during the fire development phase. When the pump flow/head curve is steep, it is easy to generate overpressure during small flow operation. It is recommended to take corresponding technical measures.
The fire pump is used for fire extinguishing, and must be prompt and timely. The fire pump has a short water diversion time and good starting performance. In addition, more important is the stable supply water. The fire pump is different from the ordinary water pump that is used every day. Most of the fire pumps, as a firefighting equipment, are used to provide firefighting assistance at critical times. For this reason, when many fire fighting pumps are suddenly used because of long-term use, and they often fail to suction the water. Therefore, Better Technology Co., Ltd. specially developed and produced fire fighting booster pump equipment to solve special faults such as no water, water break, and cannot suction water.
Ordinary water pumps are only used exclusively for domestic water supply and are different from fire pumps. More importantly, the equipment has obvious differences in color. The ordinary water pump uses blue paint, and the fire pump uses red paint. I am here to remind new and old customers that choose and buy the fire pump carefully!
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