What is a prefabricated pumping station and its application


Prefabricated pumping station is a new type of integrated sewage and rainwater automatic collection and lifting system. It is a truly integrated pumping station. The barrel of the pumping station is made of advanced materials such as reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic or polyethylene resin (PE). The internal pumps, pipelines, valves, meters, control equipment, ladders and other accessories required by the user can be provided by the Better Technology Co., Ltd. in a complete set and leave the factory after installation and commissioning. It have a repair room and grille, which is a new type of integrated pumping station equipment that is easy to use, reliable in quality, less in civil work, and lower in cost. High integration and volume optimization are its prominent features, and they are a substitute for traditional small and medium-sized concrete pumping stations. 

Main feature:
1. High integration. As an integrated unit, it provides a complete set: prefabricated cylinder, submersible sewage pump, piping system, smashable grille, intelligent control system, lifting device, exhaust device and other components. The matching of various components can fully meet the quality requirements of users.
2. Sturdy and beautiful. The main body of the device is made of filament winding glass fiber reinforced plastic. Its strength is double that of traditional laminated glass fiber reinforced plastic. It can completely resist tearing, corrosion and other destructive forces, so it is strong, durable and durable. The buried structure makes it integrate with the surrounding environment, which is beautiful. 

3. The engineering cycle is short. This series of products are supplied for finished products. The installation and commissioning of various components are completed in the factory. After the goods arrive at the site, they only need to be positioned and buried as a whole, and the installation and commissioning time is greatly shortened compared with traditional pumping stations.
4. Environmental protection and cost saving. The self-equipped control and operation system ensures that the water pump runs automatically according to the amount of incoming water. The system can be self-cleaning without sedimentation, sealed and odorless, and meets environmental protection requirements. This series of prefabricated pumping stations saves 20% -30% of the cost compared with traditional concrete pumping stations, and has a small footprint. 

5. Fully automatic control. The matching submersible pump adopts liquid level floating ball to automatically control the start and stop; the smashing grille is always open, and it can automatically reverse when it encounters large objects.
6. Easy installation and maintenance. People do not have to enter the barrel, the pump and grille can be hoisted in and out from the top.
7. Long service life. Self-purifying thin-shell wellbore base and smooth inner wall ensure long-term use without maintenance; pumps, grilles, and pipes are made of anti-corrosive materials with long service life. 

8. Truly indestructible: Fiber-wound FRP is twice as strong as traditional laminated FRP, which is completely resistant to corrosion, tearing and other destructive forces, and is guaranteed waterproof.
9. Customization: The large-scale prefabricated pumping station is completely customized according to requirements. Its special materials and surface coatings can be used for corrosive wastewater such as acids, oils or alkaline substances.
10. Any size and configuration: Large prefabricated pumping stations can meet almost all size and configuration requirements, with a large standard height of 12 meters.
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