How to extend the service life of vertical turbine fire pump


Vertical turbine fire pumps, in the field of fire pumps, although the demand is not large, it is also indispensable in individual daily fields. In the early years, vertical turbine fire pumps were widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction, and high-rise buildings, and have not changed much today. The use environment is still the same, but the product performance is by no means changeless.

With the advancement of science and technology, the research and development technology of vertical turbine fire pumps is more than ever, and scientific and effective maintenance measures are also gradually improved.

Correct maintenance measures make the vertical turbine fire pump last longer!
1.Remember to regularly check the vertical turbine fire pump. The general frequency is one minor repair every three months and one major repair each year. Among them, minor repairs are to remove dirt and dust inside the motor; check whether the ground wire, winding joints, and fasteners of the transmission mechanism are loose; Major repair is to check the wear of the bearing; whether the windings are damaged and the lubricant is changed. 

2. Under normal circumstances, the vertical turbine fire pump is not used, it is recommended to run for half an hour a week to prevent the machine from getting wet and rusted. If the vertical turbine fire pump has been running for less than one year, check it every three months; if the running status of the vertical turbine pump is good after one year of operation, the overall maintenance time can be appropriately extended to two or three years, should not exceed 3 years. 
Vertical turbine fire pumps are mainly used in fire protection systems such as fire hydrants and automatic sprinkler systems in fixed fire protection systems such as industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction, and high-rise buildings. The vertical turbine fire pump set manufactured by Better Technology Co., Ltd. is a fire pump set introduced and developed in accordance with the Chinese fire pump standard GB6245-2006 "Fire pump performance requirements and test methods" and the American Fire Protection Association standard NFPA20. The products have passed the type test of China Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center, all performance indicators have reached the standard requirements, and obtained fire product certification. This vertical turbine fire pump is composed of multiple centrifugal impellers and guide shells, risers, drive shafts, pump bases, motors and other components. 

Recently, in the cold winter, Better Technology Co., Ltd. reminds new and old customers that fire pumps, even mechanical equipment, need to pay attention to keeping warm, especially in the cold regions of the north. It is recommended to take corresponding anti-freezing measures to prevent the fire pump parts from being frozen. then causing cracks or fine seams or other failures.
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