pipeline pump failure maintenance


The each type of equipment need certain maintenance and fault maintenance, which can not only ensure the safety of the equipment, but also guarantee the service life of the equipment.

1. Maintenance of pipeline pump:
(1) Scrub all parts to be installed.
(2) Install a mechanical seal on the motor main shaft, and add a small amount of clean turbine oil or No. 20 engine oil to the surface where the dynamic and static rings of the mechanical seal are matched.
(3) Install the impeller and fasten it with the impeller nut.
2. Maintenance of pipeline pump failure:
(1) Trouble maintenance during the operation of the pipeline pump: The inlet pipeline must be filled with liquid, and the hot water pipeline pump is prohibited from running for a long time under the cavitation state. Check the current value of the motor regularly, and it shall not exceed the rated current of the motor. After long-term operation of the hot water pipeline pump, when the noise and vibration of the unit increase due to mechanical wear, the unit should be shut down for inspection. If necessary, the vulnerable parts and bearings can be replaced. The overhaul period of the unit is generally one year.
(2) Maintenance of mechanical seal failure: mechanical seal lubrication should be clean and free of solid particles. The mechanical seal is strictly prohibited to work under dry grinding conditions. Rotate the hot water pipeline pump (motor) a few times before starting, so as to avoid sudden start and cause graphite ring fracture and damage. The leakage tolerance of the seal is 3 drops/min. Otherwise it should be checked.

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