Vertical single stage fire pump-ZJBetter


The Vertical single stage fire pump structure includes pump body, impeller, mechanical seal and other components. The pump inlet and outlet are on the same horizontal axis, and the calibre specifications are the same, which makes loading and unloading extremely convenient and covers a small area.

The pump is equipped with a mounting base, which is easy to install and increases the stability of pump operation. The pump seal adopts mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of reliable sealing and no leakage. The axial force of the pump is balanced by the impeller with a balance ring. The import and export flange of the pump is designed according to 1.6MPa pressure, and the pipeline is convenient.

Main features of the fire pump

1. compact structure, small volume, beautiful appearance, its vertical structure determines the installation area is small, its centre of gravity coincides with the centre of the pump foot, thus enhancing the stability of pump operation and service life.
2. The pump suction and discharge ports are horizontally oriented, simplifying the connection of pipelines.
3. the pump pressure can be cut to meet the outside diameter of the impeller as required without changing the installation footprint, which is not the case with other pumps.
4. the pump rotor has a small winding, balanced operation, low vibration, low noise and long service life.


XBD-ISG type fire pump is mainly used for fire-fighting system pipeline pressurization and water supply. It can also be used in industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, long-distance water supply, heating, bathroom, boiler cooling and heating water circulation pressurized air conditioning and refrigeration system water supply and equipment supporting occasions.

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