15 recommendations of sewage pump maintenance and repair


About sewage pump maintenance and repair, sewage pump without clogging the pump belonging to one of a variety of forms: such as diving and dry two kinds, is currently the most commonly WQ submersible sewage pumps, the most common dry sewage pump such as W-type horizontal sewage pumps and WL type vertical sewage pump two kinds.

Mainly used to transport urban sewage, manure or liquid medium containing fiber, paper and other solid particles, the temperature of the transmission medium is usually not more than 80 ℃.

Suitable for pumping below 80 ℃ liquid containing fibers or other suspended matter, for cities, industrial and mining enterprises, the carriage of sewage, feces, but also pumping some of the aquatic products.
sewage pump
 When ordering please specify if the delivery and acidic and alkaline liquid chemical mixture can cause corrosion of other multi-salt-containing, anti-corrosion materials plant can supply pump assembled pump.

(1) Check the sewage pumps and piping junction with or without loosening. Hand rotating sewage pumps, sewage pumps Look is flexible.
(2) was added to the bearing body bearing lubrication oil to observe the oil level should be the subject of the centerline of oil, lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented.
(3) Remove the sewage pump pump diversion drain plug, filling water (or lead paste). Self-priming sewage pump
(4) Close the outlet pipe of the road gate and outlet pressure gauge and imports vacuum table.
(5) jog motors, and proved the motor rotation is correct.
(6) start the motor, when the normal operation of the sewage pump, open the outlet pressure gauge and imports vacuum pump depending on its display the appropriate pressure, and gradually open the valve, and check the motor load conditions.
Within (7) try to control sewage pump flow and head on the plate specified range to ensure sewage pumps operate at maximum efficiency point in order to obtain maximum energy savings.
(8) sewage pump during operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature is 35 ℃, the maximum temperature not exceeding 80 ℃.
(9) found sewage pumps abnormal sound should stop immediately check the reason.
(10) To stop using sewage pump, turn off the valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.
(11) in a pump sewage pump in the first month of work by 100 hours replacement of oil after every 500 hours, oil change once.
(12) regularly adjusted packing gland, packing the room to ensure drip normal (to drip out as appropriate).
(13) regularly check the wear sleeve, wear large should be promptly replaced.
(14) sewage pumps in winter season, parking, the need of the lower pump drain plug unscrew the media put the net. Prevent cracking.
(15) sewage pump long-term disabled, required to pump all apart, dry water, the rotating parts and junction coated with grease installed.

Since the medium is conveyed containing easy to wound or bunching the fiber material. Therefore, this kind of easy to plug the pump flow, pump once clogged the pump is not working properly, or even burning motor, resulting in poor sewage. Serious impact on urban life and environmental protection.