General fault analysis of mobile trailer pump


General fault analysis of mobile trailer pump
The mobile pump trailer is mainly composed of diesel engine, self-priming pump, control system, mobile trailer chassis, rain-proof box, pipeline accessories, etc. It is mainly used in urban flood control, municipal drainage, flood control, farmland irrigation, mine water supply, fire and other fields.
When the mobile pump fails during work, it can be checked one by one through the following fault guide.

First, the diesel engine cannot start
The reason:
A) The battery is not fully charged
B) Control line contact failure / line break
C) Control module failure
D) Start relay failure
E) Start motor failure
F) Any startup line failure
A) Check the electrolyte level and make up if necessary. Charge the battery and replace the battery if necessary
B) Exclude any disconnection/contact failure, check the joint for oxidation, and clean if necessary
C) Replace the control module
D) Replace the starter relay
E) Contact with authorized personnel
F) Check all other start lines

2. The engine is difficult to start or can't start, the exhaust pipe emits smoke.
The reason:
A) Start motor drive engine speed is too low
B) Fuel relay failure
C) Incorrect use of cold starter
D) Fuel filter is blocked
E) There is air in the fuel system
F) Suction line blocked
G) Air intake system blockage
H) There is water in the fuel
I) Use the wrong type or grade of fuel
J) The fuel injection pump inlet and return pipe joints are loose
K) Oil pump failure
L) The timing of the oil supply is incorrect.
M) The timing of the valve is incorrect.
N) Exhaust pipe is blocked
A) See the above part"Cannot start the diesel engine"
B) Inspection/replacement of fuel relay
C) View the user manual how to operate the cold start system
D) Replace the fuel filter
E) Discharge fuel filter
F) Clean the pipeline
G) Clean the intake line
H) Replace fuel oil and install oil water separator
I) Replace the fuel to start the engine to determine
J) Tighten the pipe joint
K) Check/repair the oil pump and replace if necessary
L) View fuel pump data and adjust
M) Adjust to the specified data
N) Check if the exhaust pipe is blocked
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