How does the electric fire pump work?


How does the electric fire pump work:

Electric fire pump start-up equipment will automatically start the pump when the fire pump is inspected. Through the intelligent fire communication unit, the check valve of the main pump and the backup pump is closed, the pump impeller is damaged, the rotation direction of the pump motor is monitored, and the pump status information is collected and fed back to the water system inspection equipment. If the above-mentioned fault occurs in a certain pump group, the electric fire pump start-up device will immediately alarm, and the equipment management personnel can find the equipment fault through the hand-held smart fire-fighting terminal equipment, and the fault can be processed at a faster speed to ensure that the fault is handled. Each pump is always in a state of normal readiness.

When the fire incident occurs, the fire data collector automatically uploads the status information to the fire detachment to help the firefighters grasp the water level of the fire and fire pool and the operation of the fire pump in real time, providing fast and accurate information support for the fire fighting command and dispatch work.  

Electric fire pump maintenance during operation:

1. The inlet pipe must be filled with liquid to prevent the pump from running for a long time under cavitation conditions.
2. To reflect on the electromechanical current value on time, must not cross the electromechanical additional current.
3. After the pump stops running for a long time, due to the machine wear. If necessary, change the wearing parts. The overhaul period of the unit is also usually one year.
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